Andre Monk is a value investor who started his investment carrier as a speculator in the 90ies on the currency market of the streets of the wild capitalist Eastern Europe.

After the years spent on the stock markets of the region he went over onto international waters. He continued his activity as a global share investor and analyst, which he is doing till today.

He lives now in a beautiful country of Western Europe. However, he has retreated.

He lives for his three loves.
His wife, meditation and stock market. He is continuously tracking the economic and business events as an active investor. He shares with you his inspiring thoughts, valuable experiences gained on the stock market, in his books, CDs and blog, here on the internet.

Please do not contact him for personal interviews, cooperation or counselling. What Mr Monk would like to tell the world, will tell through the channels available from present website. He does not desire more. Whatever he would like to learn about the world, he will learn it, whatever he would like to tell about it, he will tell it.

Please kindly understand and respect this. Do not contact him.

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